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Versuri Ev'rybody mess aroun'
- Ethel Waters

Hmmm, do, do, do, do, do, do,
Where the Swanee River flows,
A dancin' man known as Mose,
Introduced a brand-new dance,
Has the whole town in a trance;
Messin' around, he calls it messin' around!.

Child, at a dance the other night,
Someone there turned out the light,
When the lights came on once more,
A brother was behind the door,
Messin' around, busy messin' around!.

A deacon called on Sister Brown,
Thought her hubby was out of town,
All the papers said the next day,

The ambulance took his away,
Messin' around, busy messin' around!.

Now, old King Solomon was a wise old soul,
Had all the gals under his control,
But if he was alive today,
Sheiks would steal his broads away,
Messin' around, would beat him messin' around!.

Why, anyone can learn the knack,
Hands on your hips and nearly break your back,
Stand on one spot, hold it tight,
Twist to the left, and jive to the right,
And believe me, you are messin' around!
Oh, if you can see me now!