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Versuri The edge (legacy/reprise)
- Eternity X

Hello, Lord, I'm here again
It's like I feared and then some more
It's gone, away.

Cradle the calm and calm the weary
I must put this all behind me
It's like you said before
Here in silent dreams.

Understand the way I see it
It seems like the world can't feel it
I know they don't need to Lord
No one takes pity on what they don't know.

Here in a world of fate
The answers they come too late for me
The fire streaks the bloodstained sky.

Drain the oceans and turn out the sun
Silence the laughter I have no need for them
It's all been a dream from this day on.

Holding the torch and torching the theory
Reaching for something to save me
Nothing I have known can save my soul tonight.

I find that I'm all alone
Same as I've ever known
A voice from the edge, screaming something.

Something from a fantasy

Screaming the final plea
The echoes they remain..

We'd like to take you to a place so far from here
A world of lost and shattered men.

We've seen the world through their solemn fears
Spare all the pity that you can.

Because we all walk on the edge at times
Holding on for our very lives.

Only the ones who ever risk are truly free
Only the ones who risk ever fly.

Now we see.. It's a long way down
We believe.. Is there an end?
Ours to stay.. Find a reason
Ours to leave.. Before you turn away.

All alone.. It's a long way home
Free to go.. I'm really free
Time to see.. I can see the end
Time to know.. I can make it through.

Where am I?
Have I really made it here?
You have reached the
You have reached the
You have reached the
You have reached...

The Edge