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Versuri Mind games
- Eternity X

I can feel, how do you know
I can stand, I will make you fall
There is a way, they'll all stare and laugh at you
I will pray, maybe then you'll realize.

That: when you wake up and you feel it
You find that there's nowhere to run
What's the matter, do you have a headache where your mind used to be
Come on now, it's not like you, it seems you're out of control
Think fast, you lack soul kid, now it's a mind game, me and you.

You are here, when did you realize
I will fight, what happened all this time.

I get the impression here that you don't understand
I have to tell you son this game will never end
And all you'll see someday is an old man asking why
Why he never found himself, what happened to his life.

And then you will wake up and feel it, it's a mind game
You'll pay, you'll regret this, forget it now, you'll never get it.

There is no need here now to make you understand

A little boy, a frightened child are trapped within this man
I will talk about this game for a lifetime to come
And everyone will think of you when they think of giving up.

When they do, I'll be there playing the game that I played with you
Let me tell you who I am, I am your fears, I am your nightmare, I am you.

Saddened eyes and broken dreams, something's inside my bottle
All the things that make me the things that forced the night on
All this time I have listened to you, I played the game, I've lived it
Get out your soul-sucking sacrifice, I can't take it one more minute
Yes here it comes again another fact on fiction
I'm another man in another life, the world of no restrictions
Saddened eyes and broken dreams, something's inside my bottle
All the things that made me proud, the things that forced the night on.

There is a way, yes I know