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Versuri Eulogy
- Eternity X

First of all, thank you all for coming here
I'm really glad to see you all again
Looking down upon this place it's hard to believe I'm here
I thought I should say goodbye once again.

For all of those who knew me
I hope I didn't let you down
For all of those who loved me
There was a different side you found.

In my life I've struggled to be the best I could
I had my doubts, I cried a lot, more than any person should
And I felt you all should know now
There was a side of me not known
Sometimes I was laughing
When I didn't want to be alone.

I was alright most of the time
I was alright most of the time.

Whenever you are lonely

And you just break down and cry
Whenever you feel a gentle breeze
It will be me that's passing by.

I love you all look after each other
Don't let your dreams go away
Cause I'm up here now and I'm talking with God
And he said everything will be OK.

Protect those people I love God
Because I'm no longer there
Tell them all how I feel
Tell them that I cared.

One day we will meet again
On some other distant plane
And I will take you in my arms
And be close to you again.

And oh, I'll pray for you all
Oh, oh is seems that night time always falls
In this place we're in, in this place we're in