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Versuri Baptized by fire
- Eternity X

What have the prophets done to gain the path we seek?
The grayness that I see above it always follows me
And the fruits of this life they take on many forms
As the fire in Hell's cauldron, the image it always burns.

And the books
See the pages
Read between the lines
It's been shadowed with disillusionment
Just take back what you find.

Let's hide away to the distant hills never question why
When we were conceived to this we were baptized by fire.

No, it's a lie and it's not mine
It's a tragedy, a mystery
That we must find
It's a call to war,
It's a shameless w****e
It's a fantasy, a mystery
It's all you wanted here.

I know that I can be sure of a quiet walk with you
Scenes of distance and sounds of calming, my hideaway is you
Dreams are slower, the day is longer, and I can face it too
Take me hold me, no one can hurt me, all because of you.

Sold, it's a fake
It's a give and take
It's a mystery, infinity
It's a world too late
It's a kind of fear
And it's all right here
Don't know the way I feel today.

Though it feels I'm way ahead this time
Seems far too good to be true
I know..
I know.

I know that there is a savior when the day is through
A passive knowing, a faithful wanting, a world I know as you.

And fate is a walk I fear to take it's true

I know..
I sometimes feel I'll never make it through
I know..
I know.

Like a child born to survive all, basking time with you
Spending hours on ivory towers, could this all be true?.

Hate, it's a fire
It's a bold faced lie
It's a fallacy, insanity
The disease inside
It's a walk through tears
For all those years
It's misery, your history
And it's all right here.

The end, it's a race
In the life you faced
It's a parody, hypocrisy
It's your one last taste
And death, for real
Yeah, it makes no deals
It's a tragedy, reality
No one wants to hear.

I know that I can be sure of quiet nights with you
A face of knowing and understanding, one I know as you
In the distance I see existence, I know you see it too
You're all I dream of, you're all I think of, I know I just love you.

No, it's gone
Life's not that long
It's senility, a rhapsody
It's all that's wrong
And here you stand
All alone again
It's misery, insanity
You can't defend.

And now you're dead
It's a kick in the head
It's a tragedy, a mystery
Isn't that what you said?.

But if you can take the bounty
I will grab the soul
Then we'll run away together
no one will ever know