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Versuri A day in verse
- Eternity X

I walk alone, endless seas of souls around me
His face it told of the mad existence, a silent story
And just how they took him, they tore a free soul down
Didn't leave a trace
And how he sat and faced it, he didn't make a sound
And I watched in silence as..

Tears fell like rain, the world went insane around him
All those times I wondered where we were going then
Out here it never changed, unlock these chains that bind me
Oh the world, why is it so hard to understand?.

She looks out from high above the dark and cold streets
There in her room she waits in riches for something to happen
Money can't heal her, the hole she feels inside
(One step closer)
Staring into God's eyes, she says her last goodbye, then jumps to the cure

Tears fall like rain, eyes filled with sadness, I see
A world in struggle for its very soul
And the preachers they all pray, looking for some salvation
I can't see how we made it through yesterday.

And tears fall like rain, those child-like hopes of being happy
Seem overshadowed by a distant cry
Salvation never came, to those of us who saw the story
We must always close our eyes and look the other way..

Passive pretense, killing license, witnesses sworn to silence

Was it meant to be this way?
Losing, falling, satan calling, threatening your one and only
Drowning in your own sorrow, wasting away.

All my fears, they are coming
And this lonely life I'm condemned to live
It can be your home forever...

Losing patience, warring nations, drug infested correlation
Is it the life you feel?
Victim's silence, caring violence, doctor assisted suicide
And here you are sitting, you're wasting away.

All my fears they are calling
And this world upon my screen, it will be my home forever...

They speak again, one last time he spoke the words
He said, "I'll be there, just close your eyes, remember always"
Then there was a silence where the dream went here, it was over then
Another love gone, another heart to heal
Hold yours forever!.

And tears fall like rain, worlds apart they sit and wonder
How things could get so wrong when they were fine
This world it seems insane, all these dreams are left behind them
Does it matter where or why, anyway?.

And it will be okay, things will be all right tomorrow
Afterall, we made it through yesterday..