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Versuri The last one for life
- Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

trimise de SergiubestSergiubest.

I hear the silent whispers,
Darkness still upon me,
All those empty words
from the buried heart.

I don't know where fear ends
and where hate begins,
It's all the same to me,
Life is falling apart.

Hand in hand.. side by side
I walk with fate in the night.

The red fluid of life is flowing right along my arms,
I feel the sweet blade diving deep inside,
This moment I've been waiting for so long a time,

when I know the last cut will be for my life.

I've looked through the eyes of pain
and seen the smile of death
I've wandered in the shadows of my fears.

The feathers of a white dove
were stained by darkened tears
The final tune is soon to be played.

Hand in hand.. side by side
I walk with death in the night.

by www. metal-archives. com