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Versuri Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Goashem

trimise de SergiubestSergiubest.

I close my eyes to see within myself
As the first snow falls on me
I close my ears to hear my inner voice
And the cold wind freezes me

This is my land, our holy land
I don't want to leave this place
But there are unholy men all around us
And they want to take it away
Their hearts are filled with mean passion...
Red blood on their hands
Tonight is the last night
We're a part of this land

I open my eyes and my ears
I see nothing but darkness
I hear the wind behind the distant hills
Far beyond this vale


I am Alge from the land of Wuowjo¹
The only son of Goashem
I'm the leader of these people now
From the vale of white reindeer

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