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Versuri Eternal Gray - Insanity

My decisions are my law, matter to me
Concern of no-one else, living on my own
growing free, guided by none
A savior of my own
Like trees decides within to grow
You'll have no rights to criticise me

Who the hell made you god?
You don't have a mind of your own
You're living by rules
Rules made by others like you

Through this silent world I crawled
Alone in the shivering darkness
I stand on my own in this world so gone
I don't need no helping hand from anyone

See it as gods gift, if it's what pleases you
But it is cause of my roots, annealed by
my growing

For the sake of mine, I'm pleasing thy god
Into a lie, in for your lie

Lost from the path of harmony
Tortuous shore shatters last dreams
Dreams of hope to make it through the day
Broken man lies confused
Crying him back to sleep

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