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Versuri Eternal rest
- Eternal Gray

Sworn to rise from his eternal rest
If he were invoked by a human hand,
who knows gods forgotten name
It can undo the creation of the earth
Make god to a..

Slave, to the prince of dark
You're spilling your own blood, behold.

Stop that betraying man from making such
a mistake, he's insane, You mad jezebel of..

Evil, You don't know what you've done
You're spilling your own blood.

Seems like a dream, yet it is not
I've been given powers to command storms,
Children of the night, beasts of prey
Yet i'm still feared and hated
O, thee faithful believers so blind
Look what your god has done to me
Now not to be stopped, I'm summoned to rise.

Behold I am the mutation of gods anger
Doomed to struggle in the darkness of the night
To disappear in the dawn