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Versuri Eternal Dirge - Exploring the depths

Your expectations, whatever they are
Blind illusions, pour justice lies far
The deal is a fraud, the bargain's in vain
The intention's exploring the deepest domain

Solving the puzzle means using the key
Time is eternal for the suffering, you'll see
The final invitation must not be recalled
Perpetual quest for the pain's last resort

Begin the procedure, your part is done
Now my turn's approaching for having the fun

The penetration of your skin
Enlightment as the steel slips in
The barbs do fasten, flesh is extent
Tissue is stretchung, repulsive intent

Let us sharfe experience, be docile to my erudition
Rejoice at all capacity of your sensuous perception

Exploring the depths
Exploring the depths

Arm yourself in patience, revel in dissection
Agony's intensity, beyond all expectations

Feed on the infinite depths of suffering
I live your fully life of anguishing
Enlarge emotions by the crucialst strain
Investigate the possibilities of pain

Enthusiastic feasting to enforce some ecstasy
Convulsivic remains of agony's enormity
Devote yourself to my most skillful techniques
For if the mind is willing, the flesh can still be weak

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