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Versuri Nothing is real
- Etched Memories

I can't believe the s***t
I witness everyday
F***g with my mind
Sometimes I wanna crawl way
Sometimes I wanna beat the s***t out of me
The decisions I make
Are strangling me.

I know now
Nothing is real
Just a work of fiction
Made up in such a twisted sense
F***k it all.

You shout
I break
You fall
I live
My life
Is lost
My soul
Is yours
My pain
Becomes anger

Becomes rage
Becomes hate
And a distaste for you.

Nothing is real
You're just a work of my mind
You're not real
I can't heal again
Until you leave my head (GET OUT OF MY HEAD!).

When you leave
I can sigh again
I can die again
Take my soul away
Leave me just a shell
Of something I once was
You can take my shame
You can take my (YOU CAN'T TAKE ME!)