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Versuri I want you
- Espen Lind

Are you sad
Are you mad
That you gave me everything that you had
Every deed every seed every need.

Like some black
Twist of fate
I've come back but it's too late
All I've said all I've seen all I've been.

Been looking out for a saviour
Been around the world but baby.

I want you
I want you.

Are you sad
Are you mad
Is it better now you see what you had
What you need what you want what you are.

Was I good

Was I bad
Was I better than the best you've had
I abide you can't hide look inside.

It's getting dark fast and I'm freezing
Fooling you was oh so easy.

I want you
I want you.

Now I smell the flowers while I can
I try to be a better man
All this time to realize
That I don't need no alibies.

I want you
Now I can say it
I want you