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Versuri Make me lose control
- Eric Carmen

I run a comb through my hair and step out in the street
And the city's the color of green when the noon sun appears, oh yeah
Jennifer's got her daddy's car, she's playin' Uptown on the stereo
We go cruisin' so close, the way they did long ago..

My darlin', turn the radio up for that sweet sound
Hold me close, never let me go
Keep this feelin' alive, make me lose control
Baby, baby, when I look in your eyes, I go crazy
Fever's high with the lights down low
So, take me over the edge, make me lose control.

We put the top down on the car, with the moon in the sky
And the wind is so hot in our hair, like the fire in July, oh yeah
Jennifer's singin' Stand By Me, and she knows every single word by heart
Was love always this good, or could this be just the start?.


Me and my baby comes on and we're movin' in time
And the heat from your touch makes me feel like I'm losin' my mind, oh yeah
(And then they play) back in my arms again,
(we close our eyes) we start rememberin' when
(We start to kiss) and now the feeling's intense,
And we just pray that this night never ends.