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Versuri Ens Cogitans - Through the moonlight

Wash me, a saving Sky.
Set me free from their misfortunes.
Lave me, a gentle Ether.
The wizened brain of mine needs moisture.
Peer into my eyes,
I everyone and everything forgave.
My Lord Jesus Christ,
Give me eternal rest, it's all I need.

Moon rays are coming down.
The Empyrean entices with Eternity.
Languid face in palms,
Aweary eyes want tranquility.
My eaves covered with the rime.
I feel Her cold breath on my lips.
I know that like everyone,
I'll turn to dust...
Keep quite.

I can't forget

Please, don't molest me,
I can't stay here.
I'm warrior!
I have to cancel abject fear!
You say: ''I love you! ''
I dote on you too,
But now I break off
My fatal thread. I've got it through.
I long to still, I crave for calm.
He, who started me,
Has to know how to cease my rove.
And through the Moonlight
I will find escape.
Beams from above
Absorb me, melt down hollow brain.

Take me up.
I've cut all out.
I tire of being scum.
Come for me,
Set me free,
Create my own To-Be.

Jesus wept...

My deceasing's
Just a link in chain of human deaths.
I haven't got the dread.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
Every time as I undergo
Transition between lives
I gain experience,
I gain Universal Sight.

Sense of our life -
Be taught by Great Reason,
Listen to the Heart (of the way)
And follow the Guide.
The daze of a new babe
Is on the increase.
And it is the sole
Worthy lifestate.

Dither... Dither...

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