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Versuri Ens Cogitans - Search of kalokagathy

Sometimes you wish to be dead -
It's a way to the outside.
Run away in absolute dark
You save your own hide.
No more forces in the veins,
You'll act bona fide.
The open Gate in the Realm of Aeon
Step inside...

[Solo: The Shunless Stand]

All of us pretend
To be alive and to pass the Eagle's Beak.
But everyone is in the web
And only it determines each of our deeds.
You always can make the decision
To open window or to step back,
To sense your whole life in seconds
Or decay in sweet limits till time will end.

I asked for the help of my intimate people.
They looked at me and said nothing back.
Besought the Lord - He has no equal!
But the Heavens remained unmoved by my rack.

All of a sudden
I was plunged into mist.
The mist submits.
Gossamery smoke
Did the Nought from me.
I felt the choke.

You passed the Rubicon,
You reached the Gate of Hades,
You stand on woe's vale.
Your infatuation with your own problems
Did it for yourself.
Compensalism at the expanse of the Human Race
Isn't cause for pride.
It's the Realm of Slumbers. An Utopian place.
The last shelter of your life.

I felt my roots, leafage and flowers.
My perception of life was very veiled.
The Natural Force bestowed on me a Power.
The Plant itself showed me the Gate.

I will take care of you, comfort and give insight,
Take vesture off, expose your naked body to waind.
Your Sap will touch freedom and shed away Relics.
There is no need for mortal raiments.

Let my leaves soak up
The cool of both Being and Life.
I was in gyves enough.
That eventide
Gave me able Guide.
I let it ride...

Venal religions are fading in my mind.
Nothing and no one. I'm lone.
Kalokagathy's search wallowed in this dirt.
It had perished erenow I was born.

[Solos: Drear Encumbrance Of Guilt, New Shadowy Horizon]

A flash of the light
Disturbing your mind.
You see the tide
Of the new world.
This is not loss of sight,
But a new other side
Do step inside
And start enjoy.

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