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Versuri Ens Cogitans - Sacred sin

Harmonize my raving
Lay your hands upon my heart
D'you see ropes me strangled
Stifle so hard
Mystify my reason
Tell me: There's only fake
Decorate my prison
With your eyes lake
Try to get inside of me
Realize and love my pain
There is no exception
Just take my dare
Interlace with bare nerves
Spread the wings and make last run
Plunge into emotions
Flying so far

I behold pulsation
Of feverish veins
I know you'll betray me
I'm ready to die
Exited and hopeless
I dreamed 'bout your skin
I'm seeing desire
I'm hearing your scream

I feel

Hypnotize my passion
Tell me lies that you know rules
But you emit temptation
This game I lose
Breaking out the rabies
Sluggish blood, yell and I wince
Try a sharpened blade
Nobody wins
Don't you see my real grief?
Do you really understand?
Don't you see my last choice,
I cannot stand?
Interlace with bare nerves
Spread the wings and make last prayer
Plunge into emotions
Flying away

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