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Versuri Takin' back my love - cel mai corect:x
- Enrique Iglesias feat Ciara

trimise de Bulinutza05Bulinutza05.


Red Out. Ciara. Enrique..

Go ahead just leave, can't hold you, you're free!
You take all these things, if they mean so much to you.
I gave you your dreams, 'cause you meant the world!.
So did I deserve to be left here hurt??
You think I don't know you're out of control:P
I ended up finding all of this from my boys;)
Girl, you're stone cold, you say it ain't so, :|
You already know I'm not attached to material:P.

REFREN: I'd give it all up but I'm takin' back my love!
I'm takin' back my love, I'm takin' back my love..
I've given you too much but I'm takin' back my love,
I'm takin' back my love, my love, my love, my love,
My love.!.

What did I do but give love to you?!?

I'm just confused as I stand here and look at you. :|
From head to feet, all that's not me. :)
Go 'head, keep the keys, that's not what I need from you;)
You think that you know (Enrique:I do), you've made yourself cold (Enrique:Oh yeah) ;))
How could you believe them over me, I'm your girl. :|
You're out of control (Enrique:So what?), how could you let go (Enrique:Oh yeah)
Don't you know I'm not attached to material?!? :P.

Refren: x2
So all this love I give you, take it away! :P
You think material's the reason I came?
If I had nothing would you want me to stay?
You keep your money, take it all away. :P.

Refren: x3.

Ooh, my love
Ooh, my love