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Versuri O evangeline
- Emmylou Harris

O Evangeline you been gone so long
And for a time it seemed
Every road you took turned wrong
But a second chance would come
With each new bridge you burned
I know you squandered some
But then from some you learned
And the point of rescue well
You passed that long ago
O but to hear you teil it was
Just another part of the show
O Evangeline your faith shone blind and true
We raise our glass and sing
Of you Evangeline.

O Evangeline you with no kith or kin
The nights so hard and mean
You shed them like a skin
For you were always strong
When the bad slid down to worse
You still had that song
It was your blessing and your curse
But in your tongue
There is no word for home
There'll be no one
To roll away the stone

O Evangeline you have been a prisoner here
Bread and roses we shall bring
To you Evangeline.

O Evangeline what are you fighting for
You stayed out in that ring
When nobody's even keepin' score
But round by round you earned
Your stumble into grace
Still with every turn the world
Becomes a sadder place
It swallows up the ones
You have loved the most
So you sleep with none
You wake with ghosts
O Evangeline
You have salted with your tears
Every lonely mile you've seen
Thru the years Evangeline.

It's a fatal shore
You now wash upon
So weary of the war
And no longer young
O Evangeline your voice
Risin' sweet and clear
We close our eyes and dream
Of you Evangeline