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Versuri Eminem - Till hell freezes over

Yo yo yo yo yo (this is)
This is my m*********g anthem (hip hop)
To hip hop music (anthem)
Cause I'm gonna keep doing hip hop music
until the day that I die (aight bitch)

Yo I'm into voodoo, tarot cards and ugji boards
Lighting candles camping out at haunted beach resorts
I write the dark s***, and rap about perverted violence
Ghost stories of people murdered on deserted islands
Dressed in jean shorts, high tops and tube socks
Holding a rifle, with a life full of drama like Tupac's
Jumping off roof tops drunk after i do shots
Landing in someone's backyard getting chewed up by two rotts
I got a new watch and two rings with huge rocks
This rap s***t got cash coming out the blue like nude cops
I use to sell pizza's, now i got twelve visa's
So tell jesus I'm gonna quit sending when hell freezes

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