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Versuri Eminem - Stan writes santa (parody)

It will soon be Christmas Day
They? re going out to sleigh
He? ll come slide right down my chimney
To give some gum an? treats
I? ve got silvers bells, and Santa? s elves
It? s my favorite holiday
They remind me that it? s Christmas time
It? s Christmas time?

Dear Santa.
How? s it going? Yo it? s Stan. What? s up?
I wanted to send you my letter earlier
You know, to beat the Christmas rush.
I know we already spoke when I saw you at the mall
But I thought you might forget
So just bring me what I wrote on this list,
And we? ll be all set.
First off, I want a Sony Playstation 2
And a bunch of games, I don? t care which ones
I? ll leave that up to you.
I want that Teenage Dirtbag CD by Weathus
Some health figure jeans and a new par Adidas.
Bring me a TV and a home computer.
A fat leather jacket and a racer scooter
I don? t want no books I don? t want no socks
I don? t want none of that stuff.
I trust you Santa I know you? ll hook a brother up.
Hey and listen: after delivering all those gifts
I think you? re ready to party
So instead of cookies and milk
I? ma hook you up with a party
Well, I know you got a lot to do and a lot to plan
So just beep me if you got any questions.
Yo I? m out. This is Stan.

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