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trimise de DeathmakerDeathmaker.

Yo.. yo! (* Eminem hachs up spit *)
Mic check.. (My dick!)
Testing.. one, two (* Eminem hach-spits on mic *)
Ffff-***.. (My dick!) My nuts..

My attitude is worse than NWA's was
I'll battle you over stupid s***t and diss people
who ain't have s***t to do with it, like Cool J does (My tattoo!)
You see me standin outside of your buildin; screamin,
"Puffy is good, (HEY!) but Slim Shady is for the children! " (WAIT!)
I look at my life in a new light -- f***k it
Give me two mics; I write songs for me -- f***k what you like
You're probably hear me rap half-hearted; cause I don't like rap anyway
I'm just tryin to get my p****o career started
Every place and event.. +Been There, Done That+
S***, Dre stuck me in a suitcase when he went
(* zipper sound *) "Come on, let's go! "
Want a deal? Study these 5 chapters
Lesson One: Throw demos as hard as you can at signed rappers
Lesson Two: Face em and diss em (whattup dog?)
Don't give em a demo; kidnap em (I want you to come with me)
and make em come to your basement and listen
(you're gonna f***kin check this out)
Lesson Three: Get a job at a label; switch demos with Canibus
and put yours on the owner's table (here listen!)
Lesson Four: 'Know you heard this before'
"Hey let me get your number; I'll call you tomorrow, for sure! "
Don't act like a fan -- you wanna get signed?
Get the whitest A&R you can find
Pull him aside and rap as wack as you can
Lesson Five: Get a hook-up at Jive
Dress up like I. C. P. and have them come see you perform live
And that's the key, but when you see me on the street; I ain't
givin you s***t bitch - don't even bother askin me (get away from me)
Toilet water splashes me right in the a*s when I'm spittin
cause I'm always s***ttin when I'm rappin like Master P (UNNNGGGGH!)
Got a blowjob from Paula Jones, and stuffed it so far in her mouth
my balls broke both of her collarbones (OWW!)
Told Mya this s***t was all about me-ah ("It's all about me.. ")
Gave Alyssa Milano syphillis, mono and gonorrhea ("You're a dick! ")
And all three of my main girls said SEE-YA
Cause Brandy and Monica walked in and caught me f***kin Aaliyah
(What? Oh my God!) I splish splash while I'm takin a bath
Grab a handful of pills, break em in half, take em and laugh
White trash -- f***kin your wife in the a*s ("Oh! Ooh Shady! Oooh! ")
While you're out siphoning gas for your lawnmower to cut the gra*s

So if I hurt your self-esteem
and you get dissed too bad [Yo why you diss me?]
You know I just be sayin that to get you mad
And when I rap about a buncha s***t you wished you had [A big dick!]
You know I just be sayin that to get you mad
"I can't listen to that song, that s***t's too sad! "
You know I just be sayin that to get you mad
"He'll never make it, his wrist is slit too bad! " [Nurse! Nurse!]
You know I just be sayin that to get you mad

What a wonderful day; I should go outside and play
Ain't no need to sit inside the house and hibernate
Hi Renee! (Oh hi!) I was just about to toss a live grenade
in your driveway (WHAT?) and drive away (* car peels out *)
Are you afraid of a blade made of a razor with AIDS
Blood drippin from it, rippin your stomach like a paper mache
You talk a lotta s***t, but you was never ill though
I'm sick enough to beat you to death with a feather pillow
Tipped over some cows, just for a joke and a laugh (MOOOOO!)
Jumped up, choked a giraffe, snapped his neck and broke it in half
Wagin wars, went on stage and sprayed Cage with +Agent Orange+
And wiped my a*s with his page in Source (Here!)
The demon is here, steamin this year
I rip [*Mystikal's*] voicebox out, scream in his ear (AHHHHHH!)
It's not a gimmick bitch, it's an image I live it
Give a f***k? I don't know what a f***k is to give it
"Yeah I don't think this gu

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