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Versuri Take me down
- Ellis Paul

I'm a one man line at the twenty-four hour store
I'm in a town that reminds me of my home town streets
I roamed the aisles a thousand miles from what i was looking for
A familiar face that would smile at me sweetly.

(if you)
Take me down
To where i'm whole
Where everybody knows me

Deep as a soul can go
If you take me down
I gotta know
Did you really know me,
As a soul can go?.

We'd drive up the canyon to watch the stars fall down.

Watch them turn off the lights on the church down on second street
There's jack's old man, he's still the only cop in town
He's patrolling the sidewalk on the graveyard beat.

And everybody needs a place to call home
A roof over head a bed for dreams of their own
I've never been so lonely as when i told you i was leaving
This time i'm really leaving