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Versuri Last call
- Ellis Paul

You said, don't wait up, don't count the minutes.
So here I am watching paint fade from the walls.
On the tv, planes are dancing to the national anthem,
So the whole world knows it's long past last call.

I sat through tarzan swinging through the jungle,
And godzilla crushing buildings and all.
The light from this tv can make it all look so easy.
It makes this room feel incredibly small.

Last call, last call.
Now I've heard it all.
The excuses get weaker as the stories get tall.
You step off with the wrong foot, the drunk fool at the ball.
Well, I'm not up for dancing.
I'm up past last call.

Clock keeps on talkin'.
It says, fool go to bed --
Why waste the words, they've already been said.
But I can't shut my eyes with this face in my head,
So tonight I plan on clearing my mind.

I could lay my head in the arms of the sofa,
And wait for headlights to roll across these walls.
But when your key finds the door, your feet find the floor,
They'll be greeted by empty rooms and empty halls.