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Versuri Jumpin' a train
- Ellis Paul

The time, 11:33 on a saturday, november, 1923
I'm synchronized, it's wise to keep my wits about me
My name is roy, a one-time choir boy.

Now i'm sixteen, man, and i'm nobody's toy
I'm gonna take to the wind and get this town behind me.

I'm jumpin' a train leavin' town

Howling whistle sounds
And i'm not looking back -- gonna tie my fate to a train track
Got a whiskey bottle tied in a corn sack.

Hold on world, i'm coming, i'm hitching a ride on a north-bound train.

Am i alive? won't somebody tell me
The mississippi waves, what's it trying to sell me?
Mud in the banks, but no one gets thanks
When it's tracked in through the doorway.

I am home grown, sewn into these britches
But i'm not spending my life digging up ditches
Like my daddy did, and his daddy did, and his daddy before