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Versuri Dainty
- Elephant Man

A big tune, Elephant Man
A big tune, Elephant Man
Eh Elephant Man

Dainty, that a weh di gal
dem call we
When dem see wi dem say ge weese,
Scare dem look fine, ine, ine
She tell me from the other
day she want date me
And har two friend dem want rape me
But the gal dem say,
Dem nah stop call we dis

Dem call wi dainty,
Scare Dem Crew dainty
Wi give the girls what them want
Wi have the gal dem weak in them knees
Dem a call wi dainty,
Scare Dem Crew dainty
Di gal dem want di dainty.

Mi caan walk in peace
Di Scareisha dem block the road outta East
Run dung mi body just like a wild geese
Offa mi body shi want a likkle piece
A di fus black bwoy she see thick and so neat
When wi inna bed badman nuh love sleep
Position, position and style whole heap
Bigger, bigger things when mi touch King Street
Gal inna bath suit like dem deh pon di beach
Nuh gal caan chaw mi caa mi a nuh meat
This a weh the gal dem call wi.