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Versuri April rain
- Elbereth

And that I need is written in my tears,
the rainy spring talks me about lot's of feelings
The streams of salt fade beautiful times
in which sweet lips kissed the scene at dusk
A parched heart I've seen.
A tender look fixes on my chest,
the indifference transforms into a smile.
Only some words is what this look needs,
why not stop and talk from the heart?
Clouds in the sky, whistles the wind and the flowers roll,
closing my eyes I can see in my mind
Drops of rain revive my memories, concealed in the past,
my innocence ups from the ash, my soul sighs.
No much fear, no more lies, no more tears from empty emotions,
no much hate locked in our minds, let the rain flow.
No much pain, no more cries, no dark, no more missing pleasures,
no much sadness in our minds, let the rain flow.