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Versuri Wake up the king
- Edguy

Soldier of sunlight,
welcome to the kingdom of ignorance
where all the tears of ages tell their tales.
No one dares to fly,
time is running out you can't deny.

How many times have you found
yourself under teh influence?
How many times has a mirriro made you cry?
Now it's time to stand upright,
tear down your inner door!
The birth of yourself can't wait no more..

In your mind there's a battle raging on,
try to find what you're fighting for!.


Wake up the king
from his sleep in your fantasy!
Wake up the king!
Let him be all your extasy!.

Tears flow to rivers and rivers to oceans of broken dreams.

Have you ever heard tears of joy?
Show yourself a sense of life, open up your eyes:
Let your heartbeat be your best advice!.

In your eyes I can see the fire burn.
Realize: now it is your turn!.


Look at the mountain, look at the sun.
Feel all the pure energy! Birds fly and whisper.
Call out your name, they belong to you and
you're theking of a kingdom, light in your hand.
Look at what you have never seen!
Walk on a rainbow, look to the stars.
Cry it out andmake your dream come true!.

(Solo: Both: Jens: Repeat).

Can't you see your crown?

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