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Versuri The pharaoh
- Edguy

From the cradle of silence and of light
It took a birth in human blood - angels cry -
To the ages of violence and of hate
To explore the left hand path I came alive
Into my striding, the shell of a god in the cold
My soul is just hiding, my spirit haunting on to control.

Flame of the Nile, fire in the darkness
To swallow the light
Behold the ghost of a god
God from the Nile, eternally roaming
To swallow the light
Behold the spirit of a pharaoh,
Pharaoh, pharaoh, no!.

[solo: Jens].

To the world of spirits he's sailling on and on
Why magician don't you feel they broke the seal
Cyril's facing the tyrant everywhere
Far away from his grave, Seth is free.

Roaming through ages
Begetting advice for your kings, yow..
Leading the stages
Of history that's bound to my strings, no, no, no..

[repeat chorus]
[solo: Jens].

Don't you see that it's coming, it's near
The wise man screamed in the noble chamber

Just a parrot in a rich man's cage
He's a jester on the count.

The wise man died and the seance went on
And the red one reigned in the noble chamber
In dreams of a masterplan
For a billion parrots in a big cage.

Afraid of the eyes that shine in the darkness
You don't realize, afraid in the haze
You point at the man that grins in your nightmare
And don't realize the mirror you gaze into
You don't wanna see the spirits behind sceneries.

[solo: Jens].

I guide your away I make you stay alive
My servants taught you know how to survive
The way of light is food for your soul
But it's your belly that's taken control.

No guiding light would shine anymore
It's just the red god replacing the core
He'll rise again to open up the gate
We have to learn for our future, our fate..

[solo: Both]
[repeat Chorus].

The ghost of a god..
Slave to the pyramid..

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