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Versuri The devil and the savant
- Edguy

When you cross the edge inside
reach out for the stranger
As you sign the deal tonight
Icarus's your only guide
See the haggard child of sun
To the tempting fires you run
Pass the gate and realize
Casting evil eyes.

Down at your dark lab
you threw some tarot cards
Reading the fiery truth
alchemist you were right
the vision's alive.

The devil and the savant
Gaze away
Far away
Alchemist you're free
inside of your prison

The devil and the savant
Take a light,
Getting sight of a revelation forced:
the chemical wedding day..

He appears at your desire
Does your bidding - always
Lights the candle in the dark
See the blood - oh - of us all
Think you force him to expose
All above and all below
You're never able to unveil
what you had to feel..

Taming your seraph but who is in control
You or the demon called curiosity, Mephistopheles..

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