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Versuri Tears of a mandrake
- Edguy

trimise de KiddoohKiddooh.

Gaze at the leaving clairvoyant
Predicting invasions and pain
A child cansee through the stranger..
The Watcher's eye, the noble liar.

It's time for the merchant and his help for sale..
Blades to cut wicked flesh
On a merchantman he counts his money
Then he sails away
The sea he'll cruise is blood and fire.

Oh father I can't see a lane
They make you a pawn in the game
For we all are deaf, dumb and blind.

After the storm when the magic has gone
Drown in the tears of a mandrake
Pawn in the game, invisible chains
Try to move, you'll feel as they graze.

After the storm when the magic has gone
Drown in the tears of a mandrake
Fading away, the final decay
Try to move, break out from your chains.

When you're off to the hall of the serpent

See the cynic who's counting his gold
While gun runners, priests and clairvoyants
Are dancing around the rising demon.

You are taught to eat up all the crap they s***t
Parading your nuts on a silver plate
Kill your brother by the blade they sell
For you don't unite
They reap your bondage sowing evil.

There's no use to tell what I've seen
They know how to make you believe
Just what they want you to know.

[repeat chorus/ solo: Jens/both/Jens/both].

Tears of a mandrake - yeah..

[solo: Jens/Both]
[repeat chorus].

Drown in the tears of the mandrake
Pawn in the game - Drown in the tears of a mandrake

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