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Versuri Save me
- Edguy

trimise de KiddoohKiddooh.

Waiting for a little sign
Seems like to no avail
Strolling down the pavement aimlessly
Waitin' for someone
To snatch her bag of memories
How come you call it destiny
When the cross you bear is your only company?.

Never seen you, I don't even know your name
but still I believe.

That you are gonna save me
somehow I got a notion
Just a little affection on this cold and windy road
Save me from a state of unemotion
Just a little affection on this windy road..

Why so long, so confusing?

Why does growing up hurt so bad?
We seek and we get lost
we get found and go again
and I don't know what's gonna be..
I won't make any promise I believe.


I don't know if I can
I don't know if I should
I don't know what is right and what's to come if you would
Here I stand in the rain
Here I stand in the cold
I'm reluctant to get another shot in my soul.. no
I'm afraid of that harm..


Save me, save me..
Lonesome road..

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