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Versuri Holy shadows
- Edguy

You're a child an old illusion,
can't you hear it cry?
You live your life to the exclusion
of what they call a he..

The touch of evil it is getting stronger,
you'd better hide in the daylight.
Or you won't stand the temptation no longer
and you will ask if your way is right.

Do not ask the preacher why!
All your fears keep it alive,
waiting for the end of time..


Holy Shadows always follow,
holy chains on.. holy shadows..

When you are eve then I am temptation,

I am the words you're not allowed to say.
The Animal of their revelation,
cause I can take your fears away.

They make you bind and they want you to follow.
"Free love is sin! Desire's slavery! "
My wicked kiss on your virgin lips
will be pleasant, way you'll see it.


Let's go down on the floor,
you'll be screaming for more.
When our bodies collide,
I'll make you feel alright,
never give in when they call it sin!.

(Solo: Jens, Both: Repeat)

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