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Versuri Arrows fly
- Edguy

Faking the truth in their eyes..
smile but they really deride..
never give you shelter.
Lady all alone, naked to the bone..
make you bleed and melt into tears.

Down on your knees you will see what you could be,
raise the power in your eyes!
Makes you rise to make you say;.


Down and alone.. arrows fly.
Breaking on my soul..
Down and alone.. arrows fly.
I remember times
when arrows hit me causing pain.

All alone I've found my soul
and now my soul is sane.

The night has come down on the land,
I wanna reach out for her hand.
But she takes another,
lonesome in my room..
Staring at the moon..
treated like a bother..

Donw on my knees I have seen what I can be.
Raise the power in my eyes!
Makes me rise to make me say;.

(Repeat: solo: Both: Jens, Both: Repeat)

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