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Versuri Another time
- Edguy

The rain outside reminds me of your voice,
like everything I hear since you're not there.
The distance doesn't leave me any choice
than to meet you in a dream we still can share.

In my dream I see your smile
but when I open up my eyes I can't see anyone.
Now that you have gone away
I wonder if we'll reach the day
that you will realize that we belong.


I can't take it for granted,
I remember your smile.
I can't take it for granted,
cause I know that our life is in line
for another day or life in another time.
.. in another time..

The pressure and the fear, it made you blind.
You thought you have to give some burden away,
but are you really sure if it's required?
Don't you want to find out another day?.


I can't take it! I remember! I can't take it!

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