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Versuri Save me
- E-Rotic

Sometimes I'm sitting at home
Feeling sick and alone
And time just goes by
Baby don't you see
Sometimes I sail out at night
On a ship with no name
In dangerous tides
Oh please come close and.

*Save me
Oh pirate of mine
Won't you save me from the dark
Yes I know you can
Save me
I'm losing my mind
Baby save me with your heart
Come on closer and save me.

Sometimes I'm drifting around

And my heart's sinking down
To the waters of night
When the moon is high
Sometimes I'm crossing the sea
Cos I wanna feel free
To do what I want
Oh please come close and.


Save me
Save me from falling
Save me
Baby I'm calling
Save me from the fire of my desire
Can't you hear my S. O. S.


Save me from falling
Save me