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Versuri Dr. love
- E-Rotic

She is so fine – She's all mine – She's the best I ever had
And I'm glad Yeah I'm glad – When I get her into bed
One, two, three and four and five
Hey hey she's fighting for her life
Six, seven – I can do it all night long
And it feels so good – Tell me it is wrong
But she says she's so tired – And she needs some time off
Hey hey hey what do you think Dr Love.

Oh calling Dr Love
Seven times a night – Don't you think that's enough?
Calling Dr Love
He's in action but he gets no satisfaction
Calling Dr Love
He wants too much s*x and he wants it so tough
So calling Dr Love
Please help me help me help me – Dr Love.

Dr Love Dr Love.

S*x is good – S*x is fun – Baby here is number one

And I know what to do – Baby here is number two
Number three number four – Really hard core
Hey hey hey don't be a bore
Here comes number five – If you're lucky you'll survive
And with number six – you can do all your tricks
Seven makes you fly – Like a little turtle dove
Hey hey hey what do you think Dr Love.

Dr Love.

Dr Love gimme your advise
He's so oversized
Dr, Dr Love
Dr Love what can I do
Need some help from you
Dr, Dr Love
Dr, Dr Love.

Dr Love Dr Love