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Versuri Come on, make love to me
- E-Rotic

Sorry baby I didn't tell you
It's just love I'm longing for
When your body's next to mine, babe
I need it more and more and more.

Yet tonight, you're my star
And tonight we'll never part
Cause love is an art
Let's capture it in your heart
Come on move along, what we're doing in not wrong
I never say forever but together we're strong.

Come on Max make love to me
Cause you got the special key
And I will never let you go

Come on make love to me
You are my fantasy
And let me feel you love me so.

I'm just lost in dreams of passion
Your devotion I adore
When your soul's in my possession
I need it more and more and more.

So come on it's alright
We are going for the light
It's love, take a fight
So why don't you hold me tight
It's you, and it's me, it's with you I wanna be
You've got a pretty cue, oh babe but I've got the key