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Versuri Official chemical
- Dub Pistols

the moves strike in two stripes its movin
like turnpikes nothin happens like the master assassin
we bring it with too much passion
first chapter first page book of life
i got yall s*** to write lookin for your first aid
i burn outa sight the master commander that be us
make it hot people got to understand that..


we give you what you want we give ya what you like say we allright
dub pistols official chemical visual missles
official chemical visual missles.

dead is your script son sift through your issues
rip your skin tissue so fast that the wind whistles
what you think your man missed you there really
searching for a gem crystal so dark
its mostly invisible
so close to your physical
i hid a cup too just like vitamins and minerals
follow that sacred ritual hip hoply commited tunes
trailed up on side why? stay tuned workin up the energy to condition you
rock your own s*** now a days so many heads are tryin to clone this
they lack the genetic components.