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Versuri Wanted dead or alive
- Dream Theater

Artist: Dream Theater
Album: Cover Songs
Title: Wanted Dead Or Alive.

[recorded instrumentally by john petrucci for a student, before]
[images and words was released. chris collins, one of dream]
[theater's earliest vocalists got a hold of the tape and decided]
[to add some vocals of his own to the background music.]
[lines in {} are the "extra" lyrics.]
- jon bon jovi and richie sambora
(bon jovi - from the album "slippery when wet").

It's all the same, only the names will change
Everyday it seems we're wasted away
Another place where the faces are so cold
I drive all night
Just to {.. a wise a*} get back home.

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse i ride {i ride}
{uh, wanted} i'm wanted {yah! dead or alive} dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive {yah! this song sucks}.

{.. man this has got to be boring}
Sometimes i sleep {uh oh, here we go again},
Sometimes it's not {man, give it a rest} for days
And people {you suck} i meet always go their separate ways
Sometimes i tell the day
By the bottle that you drink
And times when you're alone {i told ya you suck} all you do is think.

Cause i'm a cowboy {no you're a dick},
On a steel horse i ride {bah}
I'm wanted {yah! } dead or alive
Wanted {wanted} dead or alive.

{.. uh check out that, check out that that.. }.

{check out this.. }.

Cause i'm a cowboy,

On a steel horse i ride {yeah ride this you faggot}
I'm wanted dead or alive
{yeah, gimme a gun i'll f***n shoot you}.

Well i walk the streets {what are you a prostitute? },
A loaded six string on my back
{yeah i bet you got something else on your back}
I play for keeps {yah! },
'cause i might not make it back {make it back}
I been everywhere {everywhere},
Still i'm standing tall {standing tall, yeah yeah}
I've seen a million faces
And i've rocked them all
{yeah i'll f***n rock you, you dick}.

I'm a cowboy {.. a cowboy}, on a steel horse i ride
{.. i'll steel horse your lucky faggot}
I'm wanted {wanted} dead or alive {dead or alive}
Cause i'm a cowboy {cowboy},
I got the night on my side {night on my side}
I'm wanted {wanted} dead or alive, and all right {yeah! }
Dead or alive
Still i try {don't try me man}
Dead or alive {alive}
Dead or alive
{john man give me a gun} dead or alive
Dead or alive, yeah {yeah}.

{oh man it's over already, we'll miss you. we'd like to }
{personally thank bon jovi and richie sambora for their }
{uh, effort in this project, and personally i've got a }
{contract out on them for 5, 000 dollars, so um i gotta go. }