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Versuri Another day
- Dream Theater

trimise de UnknownUnknown.

Another Day.

Live another day
Climb a little higher
Find another reason to stay
Ashes in your hands
Mercy in your eyes
If you're searching for a silent sky..

you won't find it here
look another way
you won't find it here
so die another day.

The coldness of his words
The message in his silence
'face the candle to the wind.. '
This distance in my voice

Isn't leaving you a choice
So if you're looking for a time to run away..


They took pictures of our dreams
Ran to hide behind the stairs
And said maybe when it's right for you, they'll fall
But if they don't come down
Resist the need to pull them in
And throw them away
Better to save the mystery
Than surrender to the secret.