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Versuri Where da hood at
- Dmx

[Intro] Eh yo u niggas must be out your f***n mind, thinkin dog cant pull another mother f***n rabbit out the hat thinkin I anit got a trick up my mother f***n sleve u bitch a*s niggas f***k yall figures niggas what them niggas think im doin? sittin around doin nothing? Oh my god these niggas cant be serious Maaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn.

[Chours 2x]
Where The hood where the hood where the hood at? had a nigga in a cut where the wood at? oh, them niggas actin actin up where the wolves at? u better bust that if u gonna pull that.

[Verse 1]
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Damn cats dont know (what) what its gunna be (be) f***n wit a nigga like me (yea) D to the M to the X (X) Last I heard ya niggas was havin s*x (uh) with the same s*x (whoo) I show no love (yea) to homo thugs (nah) Empty out, reload we go most slugs (boom) How u gonna explain f***n a man? even if u squashed the beef i anit touching ur hand (aight) I dont f***k wit chumps (yea) for thoes up in the jail thats the cap with the kool-aid on his lips and pumps (uh) I dont f***k with niggas that think they broads only know how to be ONE way thats a dog (Whoo) I know how to get down, know how to bite (bite) bark very little but i know how to fight (fight) I know how to chase a cat up in a tree man I gave ya'll niggas the buisnuess for f***n with me Is you crazy!?.

[Chorus 2x].

[Verse 2]
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Watch the song i come through guns is drawn (Bla Blap) lungs is gone (yea) sons of mom, from dusk till dawn (yea) Leg time belongs to the dog, on the street past midnight? look for him in the morgue (Yea) dont play with these cats, i got nothing to say to these cats (uh) for these mothers that really do love em please pray for these cats (aight) cause i know niggas is hard headed (uh) but i aint got the paitence (uh) dont want me havin no paitence? turn the??????? icy you (yea) cause i see you tryin to get away with s***t a real nigga wouldent do where my dogs at? (right here) see them niggas (right where) get em boys (right there) thats how we do (aight) yeaa this is for my dog (uh) this is for my dog (uh) YO where we at baby? (creepin through the??) from then till now, dont ask me how know that we gonna roll like them niggas (yea) and put every block on the???.

[Chorus 2x].

[Verse 3]
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo?? thanks to my crimes stomp niggas like grapes makin wine (yea, uh huh) five cd's with mad rhymes (ah) dont hit me with that positive s***t I know you lieing You really wanna stop niggas from dieing? (stop) Stop niggas from trying (yea) Cause I aint really got that time to waste and I thoght I told you, get these f***n bums out my face (aight) lookin at you in your grill it might be nice to cut (uh huh) once I split your a*s in two youll be twice as??? (yea) You

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