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Versuri We right here!
- Dmx

trimise de LeylaLeyla.

DMX] Uh, uh, uh, uh.

Bring it! What? We right here We're not goin anywhere We right here This is ours and we don't share We right here Bring your crew cuz we don't care We right here Uh, uh, uh.

[Verse 1]
One mo' time, I gots to hit the streets off, make the streets talk Let 'em know it ain't a sweet walk This gon' be The only joint made this year that'll knock 'til 2003 And y'all gon' see That the hottest nigga out there, was, is, and will be me Just like that I can go away for a minute, do some other s***, but bounce right back And when it's on I'm comin strapped, with some s***t that'll spit from dusk 'til dawn And when you gone Ain't no comin back in the morning, like that s***t was a dream Nigga you gone That's for real Creep niggas like a seal, totin steel, stick a nigga make him squeal Oh my God Those can't be the last words of ya man, damn ya man was so hard Come on!.


[Verse 2]
Here we go again How many million did my last one sell? F***k it, I'm goin for ten This never gon' stop; and every f***n time I hit you it's goin straight to the top of the charts The champion I'm a thoroughbred, my blood is strong, and I scratch 'til you done Cross the line And ain't no more scratches after that, straight up, niggas is dyin Yo, what the f***k Is you cats doin runnin around like this, like you won't get stuck Yo, that's my word I stay givin it to niggas, and I stay not really being heard But, y'all gone see That the same things thou done to them, will be done to thee And then you'll know That sometimes though you come thru the front, you leavin out the backdo' Come on!.


[Verse 3]
Bring the noise And you better come with niggas you don't give a f***k about, Cuz you gone lose your boys Cuz we don't play And the silencer will silence any c*******r with somethin to say Dog for life Whether I'm on or off the leash I bite, streets are my life Click click boom {*gunshot*} Another life taken too soon, another mother had a funeral Still waters run deep And the pain is forever alive inside, makes it hard to sleep But I keep goin, goin S***t I'm always careful when I walk, I'm always seein, knowin The dog gone live Stay walkin the wire, over the fire, when I can I give The dog is good And how it's stayin dog gone f***k with the hood The dog f***k with the wood
[Chorus] 2x.

[DMX] We right here Uh, uh, uh [Repeat until fade]

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