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Versuri The story
- Dmx

I'm always talking s***, cause wherever I go I walk in s***t
And now they got me on some stalking s***t
Broad daylight, niggaz is crying, "But I don't want anyone to blast"
So from the roof I pick em off like a scab
And watch the slug bust a thug like a watermelon
He shoulda thought about that before caught a terror
And now another kid grows up without a daddy or a mommy
Cause at the funeral I hit up the caddy,
it's the army for real niggaz with nothing to lose
Cause when it's time to go you don't get to choose
I make the muthafuckin rules and I enforce it,
shorty's people was loose hand so he lost it
I took the joints and tossed them, in the river,
at the same spot that I dumped
This kid that didn't wanna give a nigga the combo, to the safe in the crib
Look, money, that's why I did what I did

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