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Versuri The future
- Dmx

They got my back to the wall
Nobody to turn to, nobody I can trust
I used to have friends
But all I could think about was hustlin
That was then, this is now
And this is how I must be
A loose cannon, with a cannon
Nobody can trust me
When half the world is sayin "***k Me"
The other half will fear me
S***t both halves will make one whole
But nothing can dare those cowards to come near me
Yeah they hear me, but f***k that
I want them cats to feel me
Cuz to feel me, is to know I'll be a problem till they kill me
It's from sun-up to sun-down
Got my gun up, and I'ma run down
On any a*s coward that feelin that I can't get down
I'm a nightmare, the nigga that's always right there
Borderline, with two lines, a little too heavy to fight fair
Unload, reload, cock back, and pop that
And drag to where your top at
And guaranteed that I dropped that
You can't top that
I'm here to put them rumors to rest
F***k the past
F***k the present
I'm the future in the flesh

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