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Versuri Tear it up
- Dmx

When I'm drunk in the club, I might start some ****
A block party in the hood, I might start some ****
On the ground down town, I might start some ****
Gimme the keys to the city, Im'a lock this bitch
They ain't gunna take me alive and you can bet that
Hit em where the chest at, hit em where the neck at
Show me where the rest at
They in the same building living like a missed pack
4 miles from where they deck at, bet that shorty
You and me can ride over to the other side
Thats how these mother f***s die
First make a prank call and get the kids out the house
And try to get the kids to turn it like out.

Tear it up
Let me see you tear it up.

all i know

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