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Versuri Take whats yours
- Dmx

Yo, I be that young fly fellow, got thorough
Down for denaro, hit everything in the Triburo
And I'm the newest member of the Bad Boy team
And I'mma bring this nigga Puff mad more C. R. E. A. M.
With hooks galore, leave this city shook for short
And I'mma take 'em back where Biggie took 'em before
You stay a playa'
Since you can't stay up with the Pope
And stick to what you do best, stick to wearin' coke
You lookin' for excuses, ways to say you're broke
Can't keep a whip, cuz you can't pay the note
F***k the side, I'm waiting for you on top, Mercedes drop
Black 380's cops, 'till the day I get knocked
All I ask when I die, dress me fly and neatly
And brush my waves so I'm handsome when the bitches greet me
Word from the wise, niggas jerk pies, we hurt them guys
Bust lead, to skin they head and leave them circumcised
So how you wanna settle this?
Rappin' or on some ghetto s***t
We can do it yo way, with mics or with metal s***t

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