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Versuri Shakedown
- Dmx

(Victom) Aye aye yo,
don't you know X dog,
I knew you knew X, Aye I'm gone tell X on you,
Aight you can have my jacket, you can have my jacket,
Yo throw me the watch man throw me the watch,
Naw, man don't take my watch from me man,
That was, that was a present to me.
What nig..
F***k you!
Ahhh man, aight you can have everything, Ima take my boots off
Ima just take everything off, you can have everything,
Aye don't you know Ruff Rydas (Yeah I'm a Ruff Ryda)
Ima F***K YOU UP!
(no please please)
And I f***d yo Bitch
!!?? WHAT!!??
!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

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