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Versuri Pac man (skit)
- Dmx

(man1) :Yo whatz up wit this PacMan nigga
yo whatz up.

(man2) :Yo right there
(man1) :Yo hold up, hold up
yo Pacman yo pacman
(pacman) :Yo you know me money
(man1) :yo I don't know you an all that s***t
but whatz up wit this pacman s***t
(pacman) :what you mean whatz up wit this pacman
s***t, this my hood man, this my hood fo five years
man just got out man im just tring to get some money man
(man1) :yo I won't you to get money and all that s***t
but you can't get it here man
(pacman) :what you mean I can't get it here I been here all my mutherf***king life b. ain't nun of yall N. Y. niggas
taking over this s***t up around here man

(man1) :how the f***k you know i'm a New York nigga
(pacman) :you smell like a New York nigga to me man
(man1) :five years ago where were you man
(pacman) :I was locked up man
(man1) :you were born and raised in this joint
(pacman) :born and raised here my momma here my poppa here
everybody hereman
(man1) :well we was born up the block
(pacman) :ya I was born and raised here and ain't none of yall niggas gonna run me out of my hood
(man1) :so what you saying nigga
(pacman) :nigga what you saying nigga
(man1) :this what the f***k i'm saying
(gun shot)
(man1) :ride or die mutherf***ker

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