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Versuri My name is kiss
- Dmx

[Verse 1]
Yo, yo, I know niggas wit honor and will
That'll still crush the blow up and then pass they mama the bill
So I'ma always be able to burn my strip
Cuz my bags be stuffed and I burn my tips
And it aint no tellin what the snub'll do
So when y'all go and cop S's cop one for your mother too
And I'm way better than them other dudes
But I'm stuck wit, what I'm stuck wit
Cuz I don't suck dick
Sat with the plays and I stood with the cultures
And I'ma always be in the hood like roaches
Flow is ferocious, dough is ferocious
Two guns by each lung with no holsters
And I control all the fishscale in the city
And still make your first week sales look pretty
I come through, all you hear is chip in the muffler
And you could ask anybody if the Kiss is a hustler

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